Bonnysa es una empresa

Cultivo propio, frutas de importación y productos de innovación son las tres patas de producto.


Water Resources

We have an infrastructure for the collection of rainwater and the reuse of irrigation water, thus exceeding 30% of water requirements.

Cogeneration and Biomass

Use of high efficiency cogeneration and biomass plant in agriculture (the CO2 produced in the cogeneration units is catalysed and introduced into the crops so that the plants improve their production by converting the CO2 into energy and oxygen) with a percentage saving in primary energy of more than 10%, representing a saving in CO2 emissions equivalent to 9,400,000 kg/year.

More than 37% of energy originating from renewable sources, saving 1,800,000kg of CO2/year from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Use of fertilisers

Substitution of traditional phytosanitary products by biological control (predators that feed on pests) and use of natural biostimulants to replace the use of synthetic fertilisers, thus avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of the equivalent of 3,500kg of CO2/year.


Creation and maintenance of carbon sinks by planting more than 21,000 trees that absorb the equivalent of 780,000 kg of CO2/year.


Use of sustainable packaging from recycled paper. 100% recyclable packaging for pre-prepared and pre-cooked convenience food products (in the process of being adapted to recycled packaging).

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