Bonnysa es una empresa

Cultivo propio, frutas de importación y productos de innovación son las tres patas de producto.


The beginning

The company is founded Bonny S.A. – Bonnysa
Mr. Antonio Bonny hires Mr. Nicasio Brotons and appoints him as the company’s General Manager.


Housing and school

Mr. Antonio Bonny dies. His wife, Mrs. Sebastiana Manrique de Lara, delegates the entire management of the company to Mr. Nicasio and begins to develop the Antonio Bonny S. M. L. Foundation project. A school is built, as well as housing for employees and their families.


Education is essential

The first school year begins with two groups of pupils.


The foundation

The foundation is created.



Transformation of crops on the peninsula towards greenhouse cultivation and new varieties.


New warehouse

Construction of Las Moradas warehouse.


We expand to the islands

Development of "El Fraile" plantation in Tenerife for banana cultivation.



Implantación de la planta de P4H para la creación y producción de productos de innovación de IV y V gama.


Tropical cultivation

Beginning of home-grown tropical fruit cultivation, starting with papaya and later with pitaya.


Commitment to sustainability

Construction of three cogeneration and biomass plants to achieve energy self-sufficiency and boost sustainability.



Development and production of fresh guacamole with 96% avocado.


Flavour of the Year

We win the Flavour of the Year award for fresh grated tomatoes for 3 consecutive years as "consumers' favourite" as well as the Superior Taste Award for Saborsada®, Original Guacamole and Tomato Juice.


The sweetest grapes

Return to grape growing. Use of the most recognised extra sweet and seedless grape varieties on the market.


Flavour of the Year

We receive the Flavour of the Year award for our guacamole by Chef Gabriel.

Our 65th Birthday

We feel younger every day!

Debe ser la dieta mediterránea porque a pesar de haber cumplido 65, nos sentimos con más ganas y más fuertes que un nunca, y para celebrarlo hemos desarrollado un logotipo específico, y una campaña con un lema: Saboreando el tiempo.

Hemos filmado también un emotivo documental, que nos ha sacado una lagrimitas a todos, donde ex directivos y los empleados más veteranos nos han contado sus experiencias y anécdotas, dejando claro lo que ha significado Bonnysa en sus vidas

Bonny S. A. is founded in 1956.

Mr. Antonio Bonny hires Mr. Nicasio Brotons to undertake an ambitious project on the peninsula.

Mr. Nicasio would soon become a key figure in the company’s growth.

His extensive knowledge of banana cultivation and his love of agriculture led him to form an excellent team of professionals, very advanced for those times, which allowed Bonnysa to position itself well ahead of its competitors, both in terms of product variety, selection and classification, as well as in its presentation.

Innovation and the exporting nature of the company have allowed it to grow exponentially and reach markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands, among others. Tomatoes are the company’s strong point, but other important products such as grapes and bananas are gradually being incorporated.

With new times come new transformations. As well as working on the cultivation of Canary Island tomatoes, the Tenerife facilities also began the project to develop the “El Fraile” plantation for banana cultivation, with a selection and packaging centre, along with a cableway for transport, which is unique in the sector and in Europe to this day.

On the mainland, the transformation involves a change from traditional cultivation to greenhouse cultivation and hydroponic irrigation. These two changes make the company more productive, more sustainable and enable it to incorporate new varieties of tomato crops.

Bonnysa also develops product ripening and packaging centres, reaching agreements at source with farmers all over the world for the marketing of exotic fruit such as pineapple, coconut, plantain, dates and yuca, among others.

At the turn of the millennium, Bonnysa starts a new project where innovation is the main protagonist, and whose aim is to combine convenience with the freshness and quality of our fruit and vegetables for the consumer.

Grated tomatoes is the first product that the company has launched under this concept, and its acceptance in the market is such that it has led the company to build a complete production centre next to the crop area, where the product line will continue to grow with the incorporation of juices, peeled and chopped fruit, and later the development of pre-prepared products such as guacamole or a line of gazpachos.

The company’s evolution in recent years has included the search for new business niches, selecting the best tomato varieties, and developing a new line of its own tropical fruit, including products such as papaya and pitaya, as well as bananas.

The cultivation of other products that had already been cultivated, such as grapes, was also resumed, but with the varieties most highly valued by the markets.

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