Bonnysa es una empresa

Cultivo propio, frutas de importación y productos de innovación son las tres patas de producto.

Pioneers in export

Since our beginnings we have shown a great vocation for exporting, conquering markets as far away as Canada in the 60s, being the first in Spain to do so.

Like all great companies, Bonnysa was founded with an innovative business vision.

Mr. Antonio Bonny was ahead of his time and foresaw how the fruit and vegetable sector was going to evolve, which is why he decided to expand the cultivation areas, opting for Alicante for two reasons:

Muchamiel tomatoes were already famous for their excellent quality.

The weather conditions were similar to those in Tenerife, which made it possible to reproduce the cultivation of the prized Canary Island tomatoes on the mainland.

A company that also nurtures values

Bonnysa was founded on four solid pillars that have accompanied us from the beginning, and that have made us the company we are today


We are ethical and transparent in all our processes. We spare no effort in achieving the maximum purity of our products, which gives them an intrinsic added value and a quality that sets us apart from the rest.


We have been able to achieve success in such a competitive market by offering the best product and service. Our products speak for us. Not only do we care about the quality of our products, but we have also developed eye-catching, 100% recyclable packaging, which conveys the values of the product and makes us stand out at the point of sale. At Bonnysa we take care of every detail in order to offer you the best products.

Social Action

Improving people’s lives is our raison d’être. That is why we strive to produce healthy, natural, quality food for our consumers.

We are very aware that Bonnysa’s success is down to our employees’ hard work, so we wanted to give something back to those who have given us so much, through the Nursery and Primary School in El Campello, where around 200 of our employees’ children receive free education, meals and transport. The pupils with the best academic results are also supported with scholarships for secondary school, university or postgraduate studies.
We also have a social assistance programme for company employees and retirees.


We believe in long-term relationships, and our aim, more than being a supplier, is to be a partner for our customers.
We base our relationships on mutual respect and trust.

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