This is the product with which the pre-prepared convenience food range began. Bonnysa was a pioneer in 2006, launching grated tomatoes on the market just like the ones that consumers could make at home, with all the convenience and, above all, the freshness and flavour that only an expert tomato grower can offer.

Since then, the product has continued to grow in sales, and for three consecutive years it has won the “Flavour of the Year” award, where consumers choose their favourite product. Our product is made using the modern HPP technique thanks to which we eliminate any pathogens, thus extending the shelf life of the product, while maintaining the same nutritional and organoleptic properties. Always delicious.

Grated tomatoes and tomatoes are part of Mediterranean cuisine. This product is not only used as a spread on toast, but also as a base for a multitude of recipes, especially for sautéing. Can you imagine replacing tinned tomatoes with fresh, natural ones? If you do, it will take your dishes to the next level!

It is 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives, just our best grated tomatoes. So simple, so fresh.

Formats: 200 g tub, 290 g tub, 600 ml bottle and 1 l bottle.


Store between 1 and 7ºc.
Once opened, store in the fridge for a maximum of 48 hours.

Varieties for all tastes

We have also developed different flavours to complement the original recipe. To our famous grated tomatoes, we have added a few touches to season the recipe (consisting of extra virgin olive oil, salt and the seasoning of each variety). A way to try new things with the Bonnysa guarantee.

– With oil, salt and oregano:

Versatile and aromatic.

– With oil and salt:

A delicious classic.

– With oil, salt and mint:

A surprising and sophisticated combination, for the most exquisite.

– With oil, salt and garlic:

The authentic Mediterranean flavour.

– With oil, salt and basil:

The perfect combination to awaken the senses. Perfect for pastas and pizzas.

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