Bananas are one of our greatest prides, as Bonnysa’s facilities are unique in the Canary Islands. We have two exclusive plantations in Tenerife for their cultivation in greenhouses producing more than 10M kilos, which makes us one of the largest independent banana producers in the Canary Islands. The crops are covered with netting to protect them from the wind, the packaging centre is located in the heart of the plantation itself and it also uses a cableway system, the only one of its kind in Europe, which allows the bunches to be transported directly from the banana plantations to the warehouse. Bonnysa is currently the largest independent banana producer (i.e. it is not part of a cooperative).

We have three banana lines: Bele (second brand), Bondelicious (our traditional tropical fruit brand), and, for

the past year, Bonnysa Platinum, which is the real crown jewel, a carefully selected product of the highest quality.

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